About Us

Inspire Africa
    • Who we are

      Inspire Africa is a not-for-profit organization focused on entrepreneurship education, leadership development and business development

    • Our Objective

      Our objective is to birth thriving young leaders and entrepreneurs who are making a difference in society by creating jobs, growing the local economy they live in and serving millions of people across sub-Saharan Africa

    • Our promise

      At Inspire Africa our promise is to support everyone with a robust package of vital entrepreneurial and leadership insights; tailored mentorship from industry leaders who hail from across Africa and globally

    • Our Values

      – Excellence and Creativity
      – Integrity
      – Collaboration
      – Youth Empowerment and a Commitment to Nation Building

    • Design Thinking

      Apply the design thinking, human centred design, methodologies on a range of challenges and opportunities for products, systems, or services.

    • Leadership

      Gain greater creative confidence in their personal ability to lead teams, articulate visions and craft compelling stories to inspire change.

    • Rapid Prototyping

      Experience rapid prototyping, testing, setbacks and synthesis as a normal part of innovation process.

    • Business Mentorship

      Take advantage of our pool of mentors to help you succeed.

    • Team Work

      Learn and practice a working type of collaboration built on divergent strength and talents to innovate by designing wit or for other people

    • Funding opportunity

      We will help you raise funds for your organization.

  • Who Needs Us

    • Those who do not have business idea but wish to innovate something new or launch a business idea that will be financially sustainable and create meaningful Impact. Inspire Africa will teach you Idea Development and Modelling Strategy, where you will apply the Human Centred Design Thinking process to birth something New and meaningful to the society.
    • Those who already have an idea for a business or an NGO they wish launch, but do not know how to go about it or do not have the funds to start it up. Inspire Africa will teach you how to pilot your idea through rapid prototyping.
    • Those who already have a running business and which to scale or grow, Inspire Africa will teach you how to successfully fund your proven idea and provide you with the necessary mentorship to scale.
  • How to Enroll to a course?