Fundraising for MSMEs and NGOs

  • Every business needs money at some point in time to either start or grow. The money may come in form of loans, line of credits, grants or equity investments. Do you have the skills necessary to successfully raise the money you need to start or grow your business or NGO? Do you know what kind of financing is appropriate for your organization? And where best to raise money from? This course will teach you how to effectively raise the capital your organization needs to gain a quantum leap. We do not present a quick fix, rather we present you with battle-tested and proven methodologies poised to deliver you real-time results. This course is practical, and designed for people who are tired of generating excuses on why their ideas or organizations are broke or under-funded – this course will definitely impact your organization positively and financially.


    • Learn to write winning grants.
    • Learn what makes some businesses fundable to investors.
    • Learn where and how to apply for funding.
    • Begin raising money for your organization.

    This course is designed for SMEs and MSMEs. It is also appropriate for NGOs. It is open to entrepreneurs, professionals or organizations who wish to effectively raise external money for the businesses or NGOs they plan to start or grow.

      • February, April, June, August and October, 2018, Specific dates will be communicated to you once registered
      • 3 DAYS
      • ₦49,999 Naira or $159,99 USD, Discount may apply, contact us for more information.

    “Investors invest in your idea or company because of YOU.
    You are not an idea. You can have a great idea and lack integrity.”


     …Mene Blessing I CEO BOLD Nutrition Company (BNC)



    Developing a business proposal/plan is important for any business – big or small. This is just one part of the puzzle. In other to raise money you need to demonstrate business traction, leadership integrity and most importantly successfully go through Investor’s Due Diligence screening.

    1. What, why and how of business traction?
    2. How to demonstrate leadership integrity to potential funders.
    3. What is the Due Diligence process?
    4. How to excel at Investors Due Diligence screening.

    Grant applications can be confusing, but our workshop will guide you on how to navigate even the most complicated of grants. Despite their simple layout and straightforward questions, funding applications can still be daunting. However, once you master the skill of successful grant winners your chance of success increases astronomically. This course will teach you how to excel at fundraising through grants and most importantly we will help you overcome your fears by guiding you on starting a grant application during the workshop.

    1. What is a project proposal (business plan)? And how to write one.
    2. The top 10 secrets of extremely successful grant winners.
    3. How to complete a grant application on time and under budget.
    4. Case studies of success grant winners.
    5. PRACTICE! PRACTICE!! PRACTICE!!! – Begin a new grant application now.

    Engaging in practical proposal writing and grant application. Get your application/proposal reviewed by our team of professionals. Receive feedback and submit your applications.

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