Leadership that shapes the future

  • Do you have the leadership skills necessary to create and sustain long-term organizational success? Successful leaders today move beyond the traditional one-way influencing process of the past to build high performing organizations. Learn to drive change during the interactive three-day seminar. You will learn strategies and methods you can use to become a “transformational leader”, one who encourages peers and subordinate to transcend self-interest and act for the good of the organization.


    • Become a more influential member of your management team
    • Position your organization for long term, sustainable growth
    • Make better, more inclusive and more effective decisions
    • Link personal, team and organizational goals for a stronger impact on the bottom line
    • Empower colleagues, employees and teams to fulfill their potential
    • Overcome your leadership gaps and capitalize on strengths to reach your career goal.

    This course is designed for executives, managers, entrepreneurs, professionals or organizations who want to become more strategic and transformational leaders.

      • January, March, May, July and September, 2018, Specific dates will be communicated to you once registered
      • 3 DAYS
      • ₦79,999 Naira or $249,99 USD, Discount may apply, contact us for more information.


     “What you sell impacts people.

    How much you charge impacts people.
    People will develop technology for you.
    People will run your company.
    People will sell your products.
    People will fund your venture.
    You can and will design your business for those people.”

    …Cynthia Mene I CEO Inspire Africa


  • Leadership and Team Simulation: Everest

    Simulation Overview

    Students play one of five team members attempting to summit Mount Everest in this collaborative, multi-player simulation. During each round of play, team members analyze information on weather, health conditions, supplies, goals, or hiking speed, and determine how much of that information to communicate to their teammates. Failure to accurately communicate and analyze information has consequences on team performance.

    Learning Focus

    • Explore influences on collective decision-making — including team dynamics, opposing interests, and cognitive biases
    • Analyze different leadership approaches and team responses
    • Understand effective strategies for building, participating in, and leading teams more effectively

    Topics Covered

    • Leadership
    • Team Building
    • Communication
    • Group Dynamics and Group Decision-Making


  • Leadership Style Assessment

    This assessment helps you identify your personality, vision, purpose, etc. This also includes videos and feedbacks from international experts


    On the practice of leadership

    Customer Relations
    Constructive Dissatisfaction
    Leader or Boss
    Workhorse or Showhorse
    A balancing Act
    Control your attitude
    Rotational Development
    Manage yourself first

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