Business Coaching Session with Teddy Odgers @ Inspire Africa Institute


Every decision you make daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly should be in line with your vision and mission.
….Teddy Odgers

What is Business to you?
Business Is communicating Value as much as it is the exchange of values.
Marketing is too important.

In design thinking, BUILD, MEASURE and LEARN.
BUILD a product, go to your potential customers , MEASURE their reaction and LEARN from it to develop the product they will accept.
…Teddy Odgers

One of the mistakes startups make is ignoring Exit Strategy for their businesses.*
…Teddy Odgers

Consider the 5 Cs of marketing
Context : Limitation by external factors
Customers : Identify their needs
Competition : Know your competitors
Collaboration : Collaborate with people higher than your capacity to help you scale larger when necessary
Company : Know your organisation.
@Teddy Odgers
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