Mentorship and business coaching

  • In partnership with the Micro Mentor Organization, we connect Fellows to Mentors who have similar goals to help guide and inspire them in their choice career path. Mentors commit their time, effort and experience to guide mentees in decision-making process as fellows pursue their career path or take on leadership roles. Download the Program-Marketing-Kit Inspire Africa

  • Testimony

    Since finding her mentor on the MicroMentor platform three years ago, Nigerian entrepreneur, Cynthia Mene, has founded two successful social ventures and is currently launching her third, a business leadership program called Inspire Africa.  With the continued assistance of her long-time MicroMentor and former UPS executive, Gary Mastro, Inspire Africa is poised to be Cynthia’s most impactful social venture yet.

    Throughout the planning process of Inspire Africa, Gary has continued to mentor and support Cynthia.  Gary explains,


    Inspire Africa manifests Cynthia’s desire to support the people from Africa by offering training programs and creating a center of excellence for entrepreneurs.  My support is to work with Cynthia on curriculum, timelines and work through as much as I can the first few sessions and their delivery.  I have been engaged in reviewing the process of developing Inspire Africa – where to get support, how to cast a net as wide as possible to bring entrepreneurs with talent into the center.  We need to work on the communications and scholarship strategy to explore the possibilities of growing the program “


    Cynthia is grateful for the fresh perspective that Gary brings to her endeavors,

    “I would not have been thinking globally without Gary, he brings a wider experience and knowledge to what I am doing.  We have been able to build this relationship; he is like a father to me.  If other young people could have access to this service, start a relationship with a mentor, it will bring a lot of change to Nigeria.  Although we come from different experiences, we are coming together across cultures. “

    MicroMentor plans to provide support to the Inspire Africa program, in the hopes of replicating the incredible impact that Cynthia and Gary are making together.